You Want To Feel Better Now

Building health professionally requires two ingredients:
⇢ Taking in what’s good for you in the right amounts.
⇢ Eliminating and healing from what’s bad for you.
That’s it.

My work is about helping you with the details:
⇢ What food is right for YOUR unique biochemical individuality.
⇢ Which systems are out of balance and require healing.
⇢ The lifestyle changes to make to optimize your health.

About The Health Optimization Process

Becoming truly healthy at the core is a gradual process of discovery, self-awareness, positive changes, and support. I will work with you by your side, guiding and coaching you along your way. There will be a few stages as you build your health. The first stage of our work lasts about 90 days.

The very first step is contacting me to discuss how I can help you. I’m available by phone, Skype, or in person, for a free initial consultation. Spend a few minutes before our consultation thinking about your health goals, and the ways that more vibrant health would improve your life.

Once we decide to work together, I will provide you with a link to take the Advanced Metabolic Typing Assessment online, access to a video series on Metabolic Typing (watch an introduction here), and give you the test kits we have decided are best for our detective work in the first phase of your health optimization program.

In as little as a week, we’ll meet to get you started with your customized Metabolic Typing diet, and your journey will be underway. In our meetings I’m available to teach you, and answer all your questions. Our initial Metabolic Typing appointment will be long, with shorter follow-ups as needed. I set aside plenty of time to spend with you during the first 90 day stage of your journey.

While you’re learning the combinations of foods that help you feel your best for hours after every meal and all day long, you’ll be taking the FDN tests in the kits you received. You’ll send the kits in to the various labs yourself in the pre-paid mailers that come with them. You’ll also complete some self-tests I’ll email to you in a spreadsheet. Once all the test results are complete and you return your self-test spreadsheet, we’ll have a nice long appointment to review what we’ve uncovered, and the customized protocol for your healing.

We’ll continue to meet (as always phone, Skype, and in-person options are all available) to fine-tune and refine your health-building protocol, diet, and lifestyle changes. As the first 90 days comes to a close, we’ll review the changes you’ve noticed in your health, and discuss the steps to take in the next health-building phase.

Request a free consultation to learn more about the customized work we can do together.

Why Optimize Health?

Our bodies are complex ecosystems.  We evolved to live in a clean toxin- and pollution-free world, eating foods that grow naturally in soil bursting with minerals and teaming with healthy micro-organisms. If we could have those ideal ingredients, then our bodies were built to maintain optimum health, vitality, and youthfulness.

Today, because of the many stressors on our bodies from our environment and our lifestyles, our bodies are not functioning with that vitality. When our bodies are not at their best, then our minds, hormones, and energy suffer. To restore optimal, vigorous health we have to identify and clear away the blocking factors that are draining our resources away from peak health.

Two Powerful Tools:   Metabolic Typing®
and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

Our health and well-being rests on the foundation of nutrition. Each person requires the right foods for their unique body to feel, and operate at, their very best.  The Advanced Metabolic Typing® Assessment is the first step in revealing the foods best for your body. From there, I will help you discover what to eat for greatest vitality.

With the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® tests, we will look at your hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, and intestinal barrier systems to uncover healing opportunities anyplace where your unique body needs to rebalance.  We will develop a customized healing protocol based on your test results to help you return to balance and move towards optimized health.  Together we will work on fine-tuning the Diet right for you, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction – including key hidden internal stressors – and careful use of Supplements needed to optimize your health.

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