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How To Talk About Health Concerns

How To Talk About Health Concerns

When you or a loved one is having a serious health concern or crisis, in the stress and the demands of the health problem sometimes you and your partner end up feeling like you’re not on the same team.  This is a time when you really want to be able to come together to support each other. In this video I’m sharing some ideas about how you and your partner can talk together so you feel closer, more connected, and on the same team.



I wanted to share some quick ideas about how you and your partner can sit and talk. One thing that you do have to do is find and

Make time to talk

Maybe that might be in a waiting room together where you can talk rather than reading the news. Perhaps you can talk while you’re cooking or washing the dishes, but you do have to make some time to talk.

When we’re in the middle of a health concern or a health crisis a lot of the time and our energy is focused on getting things done, making decisions, checking things off our list, but really one of the things we need the most from our partner is understanding and support way before we get to what to do, what decisions to make, what steps to take.

When you and your partner can make some time to talk, I recommend that you…

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